I have a taxonomy problem that I've been trying to solve for days. I'll try to explain it.

I have two taxonomies, 'type of store' and 'state' of a post type called 'store'. I'm building a search that should display in which states, particular type of store is present. Just like which stores are in a certain chosen state.

In other words, when I choose a type of store, only states that have such stores should appear.

That way I can display the terms of both, but do not separate them.

$taxonomies = array('store_type', 'states');
$args = array(
        'taxonomy' => '$taxonomies',
        'hide_empty' => 'true',
        'parent' => 0,
        'tax_query' => array(
                              'relation' => 'AND',

Can someone please help?


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Look at taxonomy parameters in WP_Query, the "Multiple Taxonomy Handling" example does pretty much what you want if I understand you correctly.


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