I'm making a newspaper, and I want to have two different options for viewing posts: "web" (for viewing with laptop, smartphone, etc.) and "billboard" (dynamically cycles through the content; meant for a TV display in our lobby). These are two completely different HTML layouts.

The way I currently have it is very messy; all the code is in one single-newspaper.php file and there is an if-statement to check which viewing option (query var) before any HTML.

Although it works, it is a really ugly way of doing it, and I was wondering if there are any neater options. I'd like to have something like:

  • single-newspaper.php: Checks the viewing option and displays either:
  • newspaper/newspaper_web.php: For web viewing
  • newspaper/newspaper_tv.php: TV mode

Is this possible?

  • Have a look at this question, similar problem / solution. – Milo Jun 26 '17 at 23:24

Yes, you can check the viewing option in single-newspaper.php, and then use get_template_part to load the appropriate template part.

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