Hello, I am doing some research on how to to use $wpdb to insert data into a table in my database that is not pre-configured by wordpress...

The Ideal

I am working on a walking website, where a user can register, join a team or go solo, and enter their miles on a weekly basis. As they enter their miles, they will be on a leader board, acquire badges, and have their progress displayed on a Google API map of the Appalachian Trail.

I can do all this on a website I build without Wordpress very easily, but this year I thought I would change it up and learn more about how wordpress works...

The Question(s)

My major issue, is that I am getting pulled in several directions on what would be best practice? Would it be a page template? A plugin I would need to develop? Or should I use a plugin that allows php in I have pages created? Or some other method I have yet to discover?

Thanks in advanced.

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If i understand well, users will update their datas in front-office, and you need to save datas in your custom table.

I think you must check on wp_ajax process which will allow you to post datas in JS to a WP_ajax handler. This handler will be a PHP function, (can be written in your theme's functions.php) that will insert your datas in your database.

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