I have a Wordpress menu that are both being used as a normal menu with page name that links to the page. I want to echo the same registered menu, but without the page name. To be clear, I still want the anchorlink, but I do not want any text contained within the anchorlink.

<li><a href="the-page-link"></a></li>

The reason I want this is because I style the anchorlinks as small circles.

Is this possible? I tried to clear the content in css, but that does not affect the anchorlink when the page name is echoed in the HTML.

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I figured out that I could use the jQuery empty() function like this to remove the text inside the anchorlink,

$('nav > ul > li > a').empty();

You could also do this with pure CSS like so:

nav > ul > li > a { text-indent:-9999px; outline:none; }

More information here.


Try to use CSS "text-indent:-9999px;" sometimes jQuery is loaded slowly and you can see the menu name and after a second it will disappear. With CSS you'll not have such a problem.

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