Can I add a button on the menu bar that take the user to another website with the same current path?

For example, I am in the page with url:


And when press the button it takes me to the url:

www.example.com **/ar** /test/blank

This can be achieved using WordPress Multisite Network.

See this tutorial for same:


Also, if you don't want multisite, for some reason, you can create a sub-folder in WordPress root of existing and install a separate WordPress in it.

  • I have already installed another WordPress in a sub-folder, but I want the button take me to the other WordPress with the same path (/test/blank in the example above) not to the home page. Is that possible without using WordPress Multisite Network? – AlHasan Jan 31 '17 at 13:12
  • Have you tried giving the complete link? As in www.example.com/ar/test/blank? And make sure link exist. – Aniruddha Gawade Jan 31 '17 at 13:19
  • Yes, this work for only one page. I am sorry for not being very specific. But what I actually need is changing the path according to the current page path. So if I am on the page: (www.example.com/test/blank) it will take me to (www.example.com /ar /test/blank), and if I am on (www.example.com/another/test) it will take me to (www.example.com /ar /another/test) – AlHasan Jan 31 '17 at 13:25

You could do something like this:

$cur_url = get_permalink();
$new_url = str_replace('example.com','example.com/ar',$cur_url);

echo "<a href='".$new_url."'>Link</a>";
  • Thank you. Can I use this with a link in a menu? – AlHasan Jan 31 '17 at 18:23

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