Hello i read about expires header and as i understand it's very important but it's dangers because visors will not see the changes that happen on my site, so my question can enable expires header and when make new changes then go to w3 total cache and empty all caches ? this will solve the problem to me be sure that all visitors will see the new updates ?


As the GTMetrix states :

The idea is to set late expiry times for items that don't change on your website (logo, colours etc). Set short expiry times for things that change regularly.

You can also see W3 Total Cache setting guide here.

  • that is a stupid idea. when you need to update something it needs to be updated "right now". you can not have half the css updated while the other half do not,. The only true answer is "version" indication in the url itself – Mark Kaplun Aug 29 '17 at 15:03

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