I want to allow commenting on a custom post type by a specific user role. And a user can see only his comments only.

Scenario is

e.g User roles are student and instructor. The Student can comment on a lesson, which is a custom post type. An instructor can see his comment and then reply on it. Same the same student John can see only his comments and replies on his comments by his instructor.

I used the link for reference also using the comment_form for reference.

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    Jan 22 '17 at 5:01

Please check this

$args = array('post_author' => get_current_user_id(),);
$comments = get_comments( $args );
$list_args = array(
   'reverse_top_level' => false 
wp_list_comments( $list_args, $comments );
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    Please edit your answer, and add an explanation: why could that solve the problem?
    – fuxia
    Jan 21 '17 at 13:30

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