If my website changes domain or protocol, the entire code base does not have to be updated. That is my desired result. More specifically, I want to add a php function to my child theme to convert all http requests to https automatically. I was given some docs to get started but I realize I have too many questions at this point. Can someone help me out?

Cheers BJ




Normally you never have to use your domain in your php code for plugins / themes. There are many functions like get_home_url() which automatically fetches the domain from configuration and is also protocol agnostic if you don't force a protocol via the third parameter $scheme.

The function get_home_url() internally uses is_ssl() and the option value for home to decide which protocol to use.

  • Is <?php echo get_home_url(); ?> sufficient to make the changes I want or would I have to write more code? – Alt-Rock Ninja Dec 18 '16 at 21:56
  • In many cases get_home_url() or get_permalink() (which internally also uses get_home_url() via home_url()) will be enough as long as they yield the url you are looking for. But that depends a lot from use case to use case, so without insight to your code we can't help more thouroughly. – JHoffmann Dec 20 '16 at 0:57

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