I'm working on a site in which I have incorporated a calendar of events, which also serves as navigation in the events page. That is to say that when I click on a calendar date associated events occur. To do this I integrate the plugin jQuery.Simple-Event-Calendar, this plugin uses a jquery json file to load events. My problem is that I can not retrieve my calendar events with good dates. Would anyone have any idea how I could do to recover my posts good dates via json or via the query wordpress?

Thank you in advance !!

  • What do you mean by good dates? – jgraup Nov 3 '16 at 3:43

I think the missing piece to this is; where does your data currently live? If you have an endpoint for the JSON then parsing via jQuery is pretty straightforward.

    jQuery.getJSON ({
        url: 'https://raw.githubusercontent.com/philipehsing/jQuery.Simple-Event-Calendar/master/demo/data/events.json',
    .done (function(data) {
        for (var i in data.events) {
            var event = data.events[i];
            var date = event.month + "/" + event.day + "/" + event.year;
            console.log (event.title + " is on " + date);

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