Months ago i have created a simple WordPress plugin that shows Latest post with thumbnails, but as the plugin name includes the word "Ads" it has been a report from a user that the plguin assets are being blocked by AdBlock, so i will need to change the name to something else.

I have googled about it but i couldnt find any usefull info.

Does anyone know how to change the plugin name without having to upload it to WordPress repo as a new plugin?

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You can change the name of your plugin, you just can't change the url slug of your plugin. Meaning, if you initially added a plugin to the repo and it was called "Posts With Ad Thumbnails" your url would be: https://wordpress.org/plugins/posts-with-ad-thumbnails/

After uploading your plugin, if you decide to change the name just edit your primary plugin file: Plugin Name: name of plugin to its new name and commit the change. Your plugin url will stay the same, but the display name will change.

Ref: https://developer.wordpress.org/plugins/wordpress-org/plugin-developer-faq/#can-i-change-my-plugins-name


The best way to sort it is contacting: [email protected]

I'm not sure that they'll change the url though.

Regarding name of the plugin, simply change it through the php file header and also from the readme.txt file of your plugin.

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