Is there a way to get products in the order of the IDs in the shortcode parameter:

e.g [products ids="53,68,1"]

Display block with 3 product, where 53 on first place, 68 on second...?

Now I get products sorted by sku, name etc. Depending on order-by parameter, but I need specific order.


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     function woo_products( $atts ) {
         global $post;
         $product_Out = '';
                $atts = shortcode_atts(
           'product_ids' => '',// your product id goes here
         ), $atts, 'bartag' );
         $pro_ids = explode(",", $atts['product_ids']);
         foreach ($pro_ids as $key => $values) {
            $product_obj = $product = wc_get_product( $values );
            //call your html and data in $product out variable
            $product_Out .= '<div class="product_name">'.$values.'</div>';
         return $product_Out;
     add_shortcode( 'woo_products', 'woo_products' );
     //use this shortcode [woo_products product_ids="9,86"]

I know, it's an older post, but I recently came up with the same problem, with the help of this topic pre_get_posts with WooCommerce Shortcode Query I finally found a solution. Just add this filter to your functions:

add_filter( 'woocommerce_shortcode_products_query', 'woocommerce_shortcode_products_orderby' );
function woocommerce_shortcode_products_orderby( $args ) {
    $standard_array = array('menu_order','title','date','rand','id');

    if( isset( $args['orderby'] ) && !in_array( $args['orderby'], $standard_array ) ) {
    $args['orderby']  = 'post__in'; 

    return $args;

B4rT's answer has the right idea, but there's no need to code an additional filter for it. the [products] shortcode essentially uses WP_Query, so if you set the order to post__in, it will naturally order posts by the order in which they're passed:

[products ids="53,68,1" orderby="post__in"]

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