Hello my fellow WP Developers,

I am running into a wall with a custom theme I am creating for a personal project.


It's a website that will be used by users that collect a specific type of figures. This site will basically be a big data dump of all the figures ever released in this line. And because these figures are so rare to find I wanted to make a site where collectors can compile their own "I own this" list and what the current second hand value of the figure is and if there currently is a store that sells the figure.

Current Challenge

What I am trying to accomplish right now is the following:

I have added a custom post type for the figures (Called 'wdcc'). This post type has 3 taxonomies

  • Series
  • Edition
  • Store

What I currently want is that I can add "Stores" through normal means (add new etc.). Now I've created a custom meta box which I want to use to add stores that currently sell the figure. So I can choose the store from a dropdown (The select is populated with a foreach loop) and input the selling price in a input field. My idea was to use Datatable scripts and currently implemented this one Datatables.


I got the meta box semi working. There are still some parts that not entirely work as I want them too but I can interact with the meta box. It's more that I can't seem to figure out how to save the meta data I added through jQuery/Javascript.

I've been browsing through the codex like crazy at functions like save_post and update_post_meta. Searched google for hints and tips but so far I can't seem to figure this out.


I use X Theme as my parent theme and have x-child as the active theme. I basically use their code style and some functions as they do and edit, add, update where needed.

I think it's best if I gist these files so here is a link to (what I believe) are the 3 most relevant files


If more info is needed. Please feel free to ask.

Many thanks

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Refer to Creating a new PostBox in WordPress. As long as you name the fields the same in render as you do in save then you're good.


echo '<input type="text" id="boxpost_meta_field" name="boxpost_meta_field"';


$mydata = sanitize_text_field( $_POST['boxpost_meta_field'] );

// Update the meta field.
update_post_meta( $post_id, '_boxpost_meta_field_value_key', $mydata );


$value = get_post_meta( $post->ID, '_boxpost_meta_field_value_key', true );

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