Although it's not recommended, I'm planning to use the 4.4RC for a new production site (the new Twentysixteen theme is perfect for what I need). Once the final release version is out, what is the process for updating? Is it a simple core update? Do I need to do something different? If so, what?

Would it be better to use the Beta Test plugin?

The only relevant question had no answer.

Switch from Beta Version to Stable Version

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I would definitely recommend checking out the beta-tester plugin: https://wordpress.org/plugins/wordpress-beta-tester/

WordPress Beta Tester Plugin

It gives you an easy way to check it out, and switching back to stable with it is simple from the interface by clicking "Re-install Now"

It will allow you to upgrade to the latest releases. It's good to get a jump start on dev, but I would also say it's a good idea to stick on stable once 4.4 comes out for the production side of things ( target date Dec. 8, 2015).

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