Is There Any Way to get the template Name By full URL for example

If the full url is


I need a function that return the template name (page.php)

I know that WordPress matches every url with regular expression to determine the query and decide which template to include.

That's exactly what I need, a built in or (custom made) function that takes the URL and returns back the corresponding template


You can make use of the global $template which holds the complete path of the current template being use to display a page. From there you can manipulate the value to get the name of the template

As example, the value of $template looks like this: (This is on my localhost on my PC)


To only return the page-test.php part, I use the following function which uses the PHP functions substr and strrpos which finds the last / character in URL and then returns everything after that:

function get_current_template() {
    global $template;
    return substr( $template, strrpos( $template, '/' ) + 1 );

You can then use it anywhere in your template like

echo get_current_template();

I usually just print the template name in my site's header on my localhost like

add_action( 'wp_head', function () 
    global $template;
    print substr( $template, strrpos( $template, '/' ) + 1 );


add_action( 'wp_head', function () 
    global $template;
    print $template;

You should be able to use get_page_template_slug()

And since that function requires an id instead of a URL, use url_to_postid() to find the ID first

  • i was hoping for a general function that works with all url your suggestion will only work for page and post url not for other url`s likes archive and search – mahmoud sami Oct 2 '15 at 23:28

Use the following code in header.php to know the current template:

<body id="<?php echo get_option('current_page_template'); ?>">

I'd be happy if this helps.

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