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How can I add a logout link in my websites menu? Is there a PHP code or link that I can use to be able to do this?


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I don't think there is a link that you can use to do it but there is some PHP. I personally like the following tidbit of code to add it.

add_filter('wp_nav_menu_items', 'add_login_logout_link', 10, 2);
function add_login_logout_link($items, $args) {
$loginoutlink = ob_get_contents();
$items .= '<li>'. $loginoutlink .'</li>';
return $items;

You can also use this PHP code which basically does the same thing.

function show_register_login_link($nav) {
    // The "Register" link is not offered if the Administration > Settings > General > Membership: Anyone can register box is not checked.
    return $nav.wp_register("<li class='menu-item'>", "</li>", false)."<li class='menu-item'>".wp_loginout(get_site_url(), false)."</li>";

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