Please see my code structure

Custom post type name : product

Custom taxonomy associated with product : category

Main category inside category taxonomy :main1, main2 etc

Sub taxonomy inside main1 : sub1, sub2 etc

I need to create template for all sub category and this templates are same. so I need to create one template only that is suitable for all category taxonomy.

Also I need to know how to get the current taxonomy or sub taxonomy slug inside this template file, and also how to know the current page is main taxonomy page or sub taxonomy page. please explain if you know the answer.

I to create taxonomy-category.php, but that is not working

Why are taxonomy-category.php and taxonomy-category-main1.php not working? After creating these pages and view products by category it's display Nothing Found.

  • Your custom taxonomy cannot be called category. This name is already used by the build in taxonomy category Commented Jun 16, 2015 at 8:52

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You cannot use category slug as its the default slug for WordPress category. Try register your taxonomy with some other taxonomy name like product-category and use taxonomy-product-category.php file to render individual taxonomy category layout(main1, main2 etc.)

Function Reference/register taxonomy.

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