I have excel file with 1000+ records. Basically it has zipcode and corresponding email addresses. I need to create a custom wordpress plugin which queries this data and sends the mail. It would be nice if I can show the data in admin area of the Wordpress.

Please suggest me Which is best way to maintain the data:

create a custom table in wordpress? or

Create a table outside of Wordpress, connect to it whenever I need to pull data?


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There're few plugins to storage it on WordPress database. I recommend you save as users.

I believe one of these plugins will help you:



To send emails, you might use an Email Marketing provider, like Mailchimp. In this case you can import all the users to your mailchimp account with this plugin: https://wordpress.org/plugins/mailchimp-sync/

PS: You can search some more useful plugins for MailChimp or something else up here: https://wordpress.org/plugins

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