I have a parent page with multiple Child Pages.

On the child page template I have an include which has customfields. This works perfectly. The custom fields are on the child page in wordpress.

The custom fields are all within page-customfield-3.php and included in page.php to display them.

I included page-customfield-3.php within page-parent.php and it does not display the custom fields. I have included a link to a github gist with the code for each file as it is very long otherwise.




  • Please, post the relevant code in your question, not in external sources.
    – cybmeta
    Commented Dec 9, 2014 at 11:54

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Your problem is that you are putting the page result in $page. While the normal commands like the_title() and get_field() will look for the $post variable if you are not setting a seperate ID of which you want the title.

I once did this by creating a backup of the $post variable, and then just put each post i wanted to include on the parent page in the $post variable. Then included the .php files, and every normal command like the_title(); & get_field(); works like it would normally would. But this is dirty, and there is probably a much better way to accomplish this.

You should probably just replace the main query with your get_posts query. Afterwards you should reset & restore the wp_query.

An other option would be to alter the page-customfield-3.php to include the $page variable you are setting in your page-parent.php.

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