I've been trying to find a way to create a custom image attachment thumbnail. I want to display an image attachment thumb and link to the full size. (FYI The thumb is to get quick page loading speed instead of a full size that would slow down things.)

so i'm trying to:

  1. create an Image Attachment Thumbnail
  2. keep it Small Size
  3. be able to set a max width

The other options that I have figured out:

  • to use the attachment as background-image, but that gives me a big file size.
  • to manually create a thumbnail for the attachment and upload it.
  • use the thumbnail setting for featured-image and change that to meet my needs, but i'm using it for the featured-image.

Is there a way to get wordpress to do this?

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I've Discovered that you can use the add_image_size function to achieve this. Function Reference/add image size

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