I want to store subscription details of several category for users. how to store this to wp database. i am beginner to wordpress.

whether i want to create new table or can i use

meta ,taxonomy

or some thing?


Maybe start searching for plugins like Wishlist-Member, its description will give you the jargon and wordpress-specific ideas you'll need to better refine your search and move forward in your solution.

  • patently false accusation! I have no affiliations. The question here is asking for some direction among a myriad of possibilities. Wordpress has jargon which a new user can only get by reading up on solutions and experimenting. My answer tells the user to look for a better way to ask his question. You, I think, have wrongly assumed that coz I'm new and i mention some link or other I am spamming. – owenmck Jun 12 '14 at 14:52

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