How can I demo Wordpress themes well? I'd like to avoid any undo labour or inefficiency. Perhaps one Wordpress for links to different themes (example.com/themes), and each link goes to a second Wordpress that has as theme-switching plugin installed (demos.example.com/theme-name). Or is there another way to allow switching themes and changing the content of the site depending on whether the visitor is on a demo theme or the main gallery/blog section?

  • I have removed the part that asked for a plugin recommendation, because that is off-topic. – fuxia May 10 '14 at 17:28

Use a multisite installation. Let the main site be your announcement page and at least on sub-site the theme demo site.

Then you can use special content like WP Test on that site. Some themes might require special content, like a shop theme that needs products. You can use another, separate sub-site for these themes.

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