I've recently got the email with the update notification.

[Example.com] Your site has updated to WordPress 3.8.1

Howdy! Your site at http://www.example.com has been updated automatically to WordPress 3.8.1. [...]

I want to change the email where this notification goes. I seems that it's not connected with any user.

I've searched all the backend and I can't seem to find the required setting.

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The setting you are looking for is found in "Settings"=>"General"=>"E-Mail Adress".

All the Emails WordPress or Plugins send out are sent to the admin_mail, which is returned by get_option( 'admin_mail' ), and this Emailadress is not always connected to a user.

If you first install WordPress, the first user created gets the role administrator, and the same Emailadress is used for this setting, but can be changed afterwards.

This actually makes a lot of sense, as a site could have a few administrators (or none, to be picky). Not everybody needs to get this information, as well as someone should get it, even if a site does not have an administrator registered in the database.

This is the reason for the two distinctive fields/settings.


You might like to check out this plugin which allows you to change where the email goes:



You can use auto_core_update_email filter to change the default admin email.

add_filter( 'auto_core_update_email', function($email){
  $email['to'] = '[email protected]'; // Override email address
  return $email;  

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