I have a draft post with the author set to 5. User #5 is trying to view that draft on the front end using a WP_Query with the following arguments:

array {
  ["name"]=> "example-52f00a8ba19f4"
  ["post_status"]=> array {
    [0]=> "draft"
    [1]=> "private"
  ["post_type"]=> "customlisting"
  ["posts_per_page"]=> 1
  ["author"]=> 5

The user trying to view this is user #5. They are trying to view their own draft post, so that they can publish it... (on the front end)

The SQL query that is available in $wp_query->request does in fact return the listing (screenshot from HeidiSQL). But it does not appear in $wp_query->posts, and it seems WP_Query is removing it after the actual SQL query.

How can I prevent WP_Query from removing this? I don't know where to look. I don't know why it's happening either :/

Update: It seems the query only fails if searching by post name. It works by post ID (post__in, rather).

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There is indeed processing in WP_Query which might prevent posts from displaying if they are not simply public.

Since there are several conditions there it is a little hard to guess why it fails in your specific case. It might be issue with how permissions are setup or some edge case (which querying for non-public posts is full of).

  • Yeah it seems to be a particular condition where you search by post name (slug). It does work if I specify the ID, and I may need to change the entire draft mode of this plugin if I can't find a way around that. Commented Feb 4, 2014 at 20:42
  • To circumvent the issue in my last comment, I used $wpdb to look up the ID of the post by the slug, then did a query for the post ID directly. Commented Feb 4, 2014 at 21:02

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