I have a Custom Post Type created, that has its own Custom Taxonomy that give the Posts their own Categorys. I am currently building the Templates.

The Custom Post Type has the slug service, and the Custom Taxonomy has the slug service-category. I have created the template file archive-service.php, and that works fine, but when I try to go into one of the Categories created (and listed) from what is there, it uses the template archive.php, and when I do var_dump(get_post_type()), I get service. I have the template archive-service-category.php, category-service.php and category-service-category.php, but I still get the same archive.php template being used.

Can someone tell me what I am doing wrong, or what I have overlooked?

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Just found out how to fix it, but I will leave the question here for others.

I simply needed to create the file taxonomy-service-category.php, and now it is working fine

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