How can I insert custom message after post title. For example

The Post Title

My custom message

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You need to use 'the_content' filter

function add_before_content($content) {
 return 'Before content area '.$content;
add_filter('the_content', add_before_content);

It will still be inside the content div. If you want it outside the div you have to edit related template files i.e. single.php or templates/content-single.php. It all depends on which pages you want to apply it.


I think you want an extra input field.

You can use a plugin for that, like 'more fields'. With that plugin you can create more fields(like the name says).

You can create a textarea and put a piece of code in your template between the_title en the_content.

You can use as a code for that:

<?php meta('custom-field-name'); ?>

Good luck!

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