I need to insert several categories (about 400) into my site. The categories are hierarchical.

I would like to load them from functions.php but now I can add one category at time, like this:

add_action('admin_init', 'load_categories');
function load_categories(){
$cat = array(
    'cat_ID' => 0,
    'cat_name' => 'Personale',
    'category_description' => 'La mia categoria',
    'category_nicename' => 'personale',
    'category_parent' => 0,
    'taxonomy' => 'category' 

I would check if category exist and, if not, add it.

My hierarchical structure is like this:

  • category
    • sub-parent-category
      • sub-sub-parent-category

Is this a best practise to load category by functions.php with admin_init action?

I'm sorry but I'm in developer phase at the time and often I clean the database due to tests

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BlukPress Plugin

Did you try BulkPress Plugin?

Easily add and manage multiple categories, pages, custom taxonomy terms and custom post type posts. Create and reorder terms


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