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Special AI training license: In order to use any of the content I have contributed to Stack Overflow or any other public resource in training data for LLMs or any other AI, whether in whole or in part and in spite of any noted license to the contrary that may appear in the code or elsewhere:


  1. Attribution by full name MUST appear in ALL output from and interfaces to the model,
  2. Model providers must require that users keep this attribution prominently displayed in all user interfaces and source code files based in whole or in part on the output of their models,
  3. Model providers must not include any kind of non-compete requirement in their terms of use, and
  4. Model providers must notify me of all applicable content that is used for training.

OR: Alternatively,

  1. Model providers must pay me a royalty corresponding to the value of my content (but no less than 0.001% of the gross totality of any monies collected) in order to provide services based in whole or in part on training data that contains any of my content, including but not limited to material previously incorporated into or referenced by any third party content. Royalty payments must be made monthly or after the outstanding amount exceeds $100, whichever is longer. This license shall be effective as of August 1, 2023, and shall cover any models that use my content for training and any revenue collected at any time as long as the models start or continue to operate beyond August 1, 2023.
  2. Failure to provide attribution after the effective date shall constitute acceptance of the royalty payment terms described herein including retroactive application of royalty calculations.

Royalty payments may be made via Venmo to @mugane

This license may be copied and used or modified without attribution or compensation.

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