Who am I?

Web Developer and even more than that! ...Through I'm just a man.

How to contact?

I prefer emails. Soon you'll have the option to contact me from http://web-minister.com

What I do?

Expert: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, SEO, Google search, Hosting management and many more...

Still learning: English, development (you know - it never ends) and many more too...

Good (but not enough): planting vegetables (home made healthy food - tomatoes, green/red peppers and carrots)...


If there is something you can't find on Google - ask me!

I prefer solutions that make me think they're close to... or beyond perfect... at the time of implementation. That makes me happy! And of course I often propose these solutions for years ahead!

Looking for...?

Hmm, I'm looking for many things. What do you propose - remote job (or a task), money or both? :-)

Some facts

My first question (.htaccess topic) was answered by anubhava (he seems like an .htaccess expert to me). You are in my history man! :-)

The most difficult question... not yet questioned...

The most stupid question... I'm not going to ask it at all... :-)

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