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How to get WordPress Time Zone setting?
1 votes

To add to Bainternet (I am adding this as an answer because I cannot comment -- I have less than 50 points on WP Development stack). WordPress will only store a timezone string if you select a ...

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Passing arguments to a admin menu page callback?
0 votes

I solved this problem by just appending the ID (or whatever data you need to) to the menu slug. For example: add_menu_page( 'Plugin name', 'Plugin name', ...

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add_menu_page with no link
0 votes

I figured out a very simple solution based off of this question. Just using some simple CSS. Using the class that WordPress assigns to the menu item, I can use CSS to prevent clicking. Just enqueue ...

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How make top level menu item not have link, but have sub-menus that are linked?
-1 votes

Much easier solution can be found on another question: Admin Menu - Highlight top-level menu when on a sub-menu page (without showing sub-menu) Look for Askelon's answer. Work's perfectly, without ...

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