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FF 2023


I completed a React with Typescript course and went back to my old place of work (Computer Assistance Oxford) and now I'm working on a React Native app using Expo Router. Steepish learning curve for a first timer did to the many new techniques need in a short space of time. I'm happy with progress. Reaculator is on hold for now.

FF 2022 Alhamdulillah I have become a professional web developer and now have 3 years commercial experience behind me and have worked at cool places like Vodafone. I'm much more confident in my knowledge and abilities and look back at the things I didn't know when starting out and think really.

Recently I've taught myself React JS and much more comfortable with Git etc.

Take a look at my online personal calculator and let me know what you think?

Really enjoyed the journey so far!

2014 BSc Computer Science, now wannabe web-nerd!

I am currently learning git, Laravel 4 and Twitter Bootstrap 3, JSON...oh and WordPress and all pretty much at the same time!!!

It's all good fun.

As of Apr 2nd 2014 I'm still not employable but intend to spend the next few months building up the above skills till I can crack this job thing in sha Allah!

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