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Software Engineer focusing on building applications for the Internet. I'm specifically interested in web services, data-driven apps, and the distributed web.

As part of my current projects I develop web apps based on the service oriented architecture (SOA). Through SOA the web app as a whole consists of many different interlinked web services and different technologies. I actively develop in Python (mostly in Django / DRF) and touched upon many other languages, among which are PHP, Java, Haskell, Delphi, and Javascript (ES6). I follow test driven development principles where I can and I am always open to discuss new ideas and tackle complex challenges.

My educational background is in Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science. I earned a first class Bachelor of Science with Honours degree from Edinburgh University in Scotland, back in 2012. Since then I mostly went my own way as a freelance developer and I love to learn new things. I am passionate about what I do and find joy in doing things well, rather than hack together a quick solution (although that might sometimes be necessary too). Communication is key not only in gathering requirements but also in building software in general. Software is not written by a single person, but rather by a whole amazing community of developers, connected through Stack Overflow and other sites, sharing ideas and philosophies.

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