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My undergraduate degree was in fine arts. Later, I became a largely self-taught web designer (tending to push CSS to its limits at the time, becoming one of the higher ranked answer providers—though I have not done much with that since about 2010, last I looked I was still just within the top 30). During those self-taught days, I was pursuing biblical studies, eventually earning my M.A. in Bible Exposition, Master of Divinity, and Ph.D. in Biblical Studies with a concentration in Systematic Theology.

Not ever having pursued formal software design in relation to my web design, I am now pursuing more knowledge in that field through App Academy's Online Software Engineering bootcamp, so I suspect I will become more active again on Stack Overflow.

I still pop in to the Biblical Hermeneutics SE site at times, occasionally answering questions there. This meta question of mine will reveal a lot about where I come from regarding that topic.

I have other areas of interest as well, particularly in speculative fiction (both motion picture and book form, though books I tend to stick more to fantasy, while motion picture includes a fair bit of sci-fi).

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Dec 4, 2015