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I'm currently freelance specialising in international connectivity and infrastructure working with clients in the humanitarian space. If your organisation struggles to work effectively because of limited internet options in far flung locations, maybe I can help.

Until 2017 I worked at a large international development charity in London, as International Operations Manager. I managed a team of Regional ICT Service Managers, based in developing world countries, who kept the users happy through fixing problems, setting up great connectivity and generally making sure users could do their day jobs. I think I did a good job as a manager - some of my team went on to great things!

I previously worked at the same place as International Network Systems Analyst. I looked after a bunch of ICT systems in offices in the developing world, as well as looking after systems in our HQ. I gained a lot of knowledge in that job, and the techy side competes with the people stuff in the new role, hence I still hang out here a lot.

I'm passionate about the use of ICT in developing countries, both in terms of dealing with the inherent problems for ICT in those places, and using ICT as a tool for development.

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