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I'm a full stack web developer with experience in building multi-user web applications, some inhouse, others public. I'm looking for opportunities in open source technologies such as PHP and Javascript stacks. I like working with PHP as well as Javascript frameworks such as Laravel, Express and I prefer to focus on the back-end.

My strengths lie within PHP, MySQL, and Javascript. I have had a lot of hands-on experience in recent years and have spent some time contributing to open source projects, as I care about giving back to the community.

I'm looking for a backend developer position or a full-stack position with a focus on backend. I'm open to trying new technologies but I'm highly experienced in PHP.

I would like to work with people that are passionate and interested in what they do and that I can learn from - and hopefully help teach a few things too. I enjoy doing regular tech shares to showcase new and interesting techniques to solve common problems in the IT industry.

I also enjoy bringing together diverse systems through various integration patterns and techniques.

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