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Michiel van Mens
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Interim management: Database marketing, Direct marketing, CRM, dataming, Business Intelligence, Marketing Intelligence, Dashboards, Training & Coaching. zie ook of bel 06-47312099

2001 to present: Consultant (Bureau Marketing & Intelligence) with a strong focus on commercial business processes. I have much knowledge and work experience with regard to Business/ Marketing Intelligence. My work consists of putting a commercial policy into operation on the basis of quantitative and qualitative research. I have much practice experience with drawing up and executing market simulation models (customer profile- ) analyses, price policy and drawing up and creating market inquires (customer satisfaction inquiry, non-response inquiry, non-conversion inquiry). Because of this, I have gained much practical knowledge with reference to sales, loyalty, CRM and customer loss with relation to customer profiles, sales channels, price fixing etc (for example: what is the relation between the sales price and customer loss, customer profiles and customer life).

I have been intensively involved with renovation and innovation projects of various clients and I have also been intensively involved with training and coaching of co-workers with regard to work contents. Because of my strong communication skills, actual knowledge and creativity; I am able to inspire and convince people – people of the shop floor and people who are member of the board.

Clients include: Loyalty Management Netherlands (AirMiles), Solcon (telecom), De telefoongids/Gouden Gids, Liander, De Nederlandse Wijnbeurs (Fosters), Randstad, 2Organize, SDU,NewFigures,Schiphol Retail, Achmea, Oxxio,UPC, Cito Groep, Scarlet, Netherlands Red Cross, Espelon (formerly HEO ICT) Amsterdam RAI, AND NV, Mecc (Maastricht), Randstad Netherlands, ABN Amro Bank, Achmea, Allex beleggersbank

Specialties:Database Marketing, CRM, Datamining, TextMining, Business intelligence, Marketing Intelligence, Data Analist, Pricing Management, Campaign management, training & Coaching, Project/Implementatie Management, Organisatie verandering & productdevelopment. PL/SQL, TOAD, Oracle Developer, SPSS, Statistica, Mapinfo, R, Xcelsius, Python.


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