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Hi, I'm Tod Foley. I'm an RPG designer and interactive developer who's been exploring emergent narrative systems since the 90s.

I'm the author of "DayTrippers" (a surreal science-fiction reality-hopping RPG), "Watch the World Die" (a collaborative apocalypse-generation game), "CyberSpace" (an old-school cyberpunk RPG), as well as several RPG systems and adventure modules for Iron Crown Enterprises. You can find them here.

I sometimes produce large-scale semi-scripted narrative experiences I call "Hypertheater" events, which are like a cross between LARPs and branching plays.

I view RPG design as high art, and gamemastering as a set of didactic techniques for enabling complex symbolic communication and psychological exploration through immersive narrative. This requires artfulness, fortitude, resourcefulness and compassion, in addition to general knowledge and storytelling skills. I believe that if we lived in a sane world, a GM would need a therapist's license.

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