Full time job at front-end programming. Mainly with JavaScript and AngularJS.

My hobby is creating fireworks. 'Is that legal?' You probaly asking, when you see im from the Netherlands. 'Is smoking weed legal in your country?', i will ask you then. Somehow all outsiders asking me, when they hear im from the Netherlands, 'Do you smoke weed?'. Short awnser: 'No i dont'.

I did try it a few times though, but damn. That stuff is disgusting ;) I was drinking the whole evening. Cound't stop the thirst. I even fell from the chair while trying to sit.

So, i really enjoy my life. Im however sporting alot now, because i want to go into the army again. Few years back, it was not possible because of the cuts in the defense. It was my dream and still my dream. But because of all the sitting at work, my condition is not that good anymore.

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