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John was raised in Alaska. After winning 2nd place in a science fair (Special Relativity), he came ‘down’ to Upstate NY with an academic scholarship to Cornell.

Commissioned an Officer in the Marine Corps, after a successful stint as a Forward Observer, he did IT support, essentially CTO, VP, and CISO. He taught grunts how to use PC’s, implemented RFID, WAN’s, LAN’s, and was essentially a serial entrepreneur.

John constructed a Virtual Reality interface for CompuServe during the first wave of VR, including a virtual social environment (VR chat room) that mixed 3D and text based avatars; a “favorites” street where places you visited became buildings. The size and location of the buildings were based on real time data for how often and how recently you visited that forum (bookmark). The CompuServe protocol, and indeed the service is now gone; long live the web!

As the senior tech executive, he brought a company from 16 to 350. John managed major C++ projects, as well as contributed coding, Oracle PL/SQL, ERP implementations, and large custom software projects. He became an expert in full stack performance analysis of complex/parallel systems. He took over as CIO and/or IT director for several companies during ERP implementations. He’s consulted on over 400 companies how to best manage their internal data.

He is now working on VR data visualization and VR DevOps for a startup.

He shows writers how to unlock software, and writes screenplays and novels.

In his off hours, he builds robots and apps for his VR test lab, including a bowling game where you knock down garden gnomes.

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