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I’m Stanila P. Bogdan, digital artist, working in web development. If you have a project that needs some creative injection then that’s where I come in!

My job is to build your website so that it is functional and user-friendly but at the same time attractive. Moreover, I add personal touch to your product and make sure that is eye-catching and easy to use. My aim is to bring across your message and identity in the most creative way.

My first year in high-school... It all started on a summer day, when i first discovered HTML. I found on the web a tutorial and i was hooked. At school I always helped my colleagues when they had a project and did not really know how to do it. I was fascinated about HTML and CSS and the connection between this two. And from that i’ve discovered JS, PHP, WordPress and so on…

I finished high school Anghel Saligny and after that i’ve got a bachelor’s degree in “Science of Comunication” at Spiru Haret University.

After i finish the scool i got a job at a paper company. At this point i’m very familiar with HTML and CSS but not so much with JS and PHP. With the money i get from the job i take some courses at Avantaj Consulting(HTML&CSS advamce module and PHP module).

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