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Mike Bijon
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When not staring at a screen and keyboard, which isn't often, Mike is a runner with over a dozen marathons, triathlons, & a recent ultra completed. When it's raining in Portland, his motivation is not letting the kids get too far ahead.

I engineer software technology & processes to solve human problems, grow businesses, and build strong teams. My teams maximize delivered quality and value for our stakeholders.

Working for companies ranging in size from startups to Google, myself and my teams have delivered solid engineering and quality-tested code. I am a proven engineering manager who inspires engineers and product contributors to push the envelope, and a team-leader who keeps teams engaged and productive.

My experience covers the full gamut of product definition and delivery. I have written quality code, built solid code-review and deployment pipelines, started from-scratch & rescued legacy codebases. With executive teams and clients I have defined products, negotiated budgets & schedules, and engineered to awe customers. As a manager I work to lead my teams in ways that respect their abilities and inspire them to work in the business' best-interests. I have successfully challenged teams to develop new skillsets and recruited for rare skills and can shape team-dynamics for long-term, learning-focused performance.

Specific skills include: Polyglot programming abilities (node.js, golang, React.js, Ruby, Java, python & PHP), enterprise software integration with custom systems (Oracle CRM/Fusion accounting, Saleforce, SOAP/REST APIs, and multiple CMS platforms), Spark/Hadoop/Kafka/HBase/Airflow data pipelines, broad framework & microservice development implementations, legacy codebase rescue, and engineer-driven code review through continuous deployment/intergration processes.

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