I work somewhere right above 100 hours every week freelancing, building random small projects/apps, and all around experimenting with code.

Working with both the client-side and server-side, I don't have a favorite; they both have their place. But my main goal is automating the mundane and repetitive tasks that haunt the web.

I find it takes far too much time to do things we have technology for that could do it in a second. Code can be extremely messy, and deserves to always be organized. With that said, it's my goal to advance the web.

Take for instance, PSD to HTML conversions - I see so many of these jobs. I find it hard to believe that we still have to do this. A graphic designer uses a program to draw a formulated image, which in turn has to be converted by hand? Why not have a web based program for the designers to use. Not possible you say? Possible I say. Yes, it is possible to mimick photoshop into a web based program. And much more. We have the tools, we just need to choose to do the smart thing and use them.

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