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A tag is a keyword or label that categorizes your question with other, similar questions. Using the right tags makes it easier for others to find and answer your question.

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The wp_editor() function allows plugin and theme developers to render a custom instance of the TinyMCE editor used by WordPress
× 286
This function returns the values of the custom fields with the specified key from the specified post. It is a wrapper for get_metadata('post'). To return all of the custom fields, see get_post_custom(…
× 273
a front-end framework designed to kick-start development of Web apps and sites
× 267
a form of separation of presentation and content for web design in which the markup (i.e., HTML or XHTML) of a webpage contains the page's semantic content and structure, but does…
× 264
a wrapper for PHPMailer which is a wrapper for PHP’s mail() function.
× 260
Provides a simple login form for use anywhere inside your theme or plugin (in public/guest facing requests).
× 258
Returns an array of category objects matching the query parameters. Arguments are pretty much the same as wp_list_categories and can be passed as either array or in query syntax.
× 257
Basic techniques on debugging WordPress that can assist you on first hand.
× 253
From PHP-FPM, MySQL, MariaDB, Apache, Nginx and Lighttpd to other servers that allow to host and run WordPress. If you can remove "WordPress" from the question, your question probably is better asked …
× 253
The home page of a site. Could either contain the blog index, or a static page.
× 250
A unique identifier.
× 250
the 'new publishing experience' slated for introduction in WordPress 5.0, replacing TinyMCE and other aspects of the default editing experience. Find out more at https://wordpress.…
× 244
off topic, support questions should be asked on the plugin's author support page. Contact Form 7 can manage multiple contact forms, plus you can customize the form a…
× 240
a set of command-line tools for managing WordPress installations. You can update plugins, set up multisite installs and much more, without using a web browser.
× 232
Wordpress supports several methods to include content from other sites in your site using its own API.
× 231
A way of arranging items where an item can be a parent or child of another. Categories are an example of a hierarchical taxonomy.
× 222
Saving data for posts, pages, custom post types, comments, custom fields, categories, tags, custom taxonomies, and users. Usually used to migrate to another hosting or add data to another WordPress we…
× 221
outputs a complete commenting form for use within a template. Most strings and form fields may be controlled through the $args array passed into the function, while you may also choose to use…
× 220
Registers a new image size. This means that WordPress will create a copy of the Featured Image (formerly known as post thumbnail) with the specified dimensions when you upload a new image.