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The website cannot display the page

I fixed it!!! Woohoo. Using this link - link to patch I edited the line it advises and it works fine.
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Unable to login and wp-login.php redirects to wp-admin%2F&reauth=1?

Had the same problem... clearing the cookies didn't do the trick. What did the trick was logging in via incognito mode first, and then I was able to login normally.
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How can I modify the default reset (lost) password email text?

To answer your specific question, "How can I modify the default reset (lost) password email text," the answer would be to use the retrieve_password_message filter. And ultimately that might be a way ...
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How to auto login after registration?

Have you tried this? function auto_login_new_user( $user_id ) { wp_set_current_user($user_id); wp_set_auth_cookie($user_id); wp_redirect( home_url() ); // You can change home_url() to the ...
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Unable to login and wp-login.php redirects to wp-admin%2F&reauth=1?

There are many possible causes to this problem. Some have to do with your database. Try turning on WP_DEBUG and interpreting the error messages. In my own case (which is how I stumbled on your ...
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Modify wp-login.php labels: Username to Email

Found this here: https://wordpress.org/support/topic/how-to-change-the-text-labels-in-userpass-box-on-login-page/ The other answer here didn't work for me, but this one did. Just in case this helps ...
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Change Login URL Without Plugin

About changing the login url, i already did by mysel. It help me protect my site and prevent brute force You can change it in htaccess. But you also need to add the filter to replace old login url in ...
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Remove lost password form and URL

Hi Please try to use this in your functions.php it will redirect user to login form when user try to access lost password page: add_action('init','possibly_redirect'); function possibly_redirect(){ ...
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login_enqueue_scripts does not ovewrite the default styles

@Kevin, here a couple options how to overwrite css for login page. Via login_enqueue_scripts If you use this hook, you need to create css file the same path with functions.php, say login-style.css, ...
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Custom login form redirect to external site

Internal happenings explained When you look at wp_login_form(), then you will see, that the redirect argument will ask for an absolute URl. So either use admin_url() or site_url() if you want to link ...
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adding rewrite rules in .htaccess

Wordpress uses those markers to put its rules between. I never have and never would put custom rules in there. Check out insert_with_markers() and save_mod_rewrite_rules() in wp-admin/includes/misc....
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force login and redirect to custom login page

If you're willing to try another plugin, I suggest using Force Login. It's a simple lightweight plugin that will require all visitors to login. Once the plugin is installed and activated, add the ...
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Change "You are now logged out" text

This allows for the message to be overwritten specifically for the loggedout message while leaving all other messages alone. Here is more documentation on the filter. add_filter( 'wp_login_errors', '...
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Why can't /wp-login.php be load balanced?

A few things to check on: Review wp_salt. Make sure all of the web servers are running on the same set of salts in the wp-config.php file. Ideally, these should be mirrored from a single location. ...
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How to change login labels

All of these strings/labels are passed through translation functions, so you can use gettext filter to modify them. function change_labels( $translated_text, $text, $domain ) { if ( 'Username' ===...
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Is wp_login_form secure on a non secure page?

It doesn't matter what function you use to generate the form markup, if you write the code by hand, or if it's in a modal or not. For it to be secure, you absolutely need an SSL certificate.
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wp_login_form redirect problem

Your code contains a mistake in passing arguments to the wp_login_form() function. If you define the arguments after function then the function will be called with the default values, so your ...
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Remove built in wordpress login and use only google auth

To remove WP native username/password authentication use the code below. It can be added to the theme (functions.php), to a plugin, or mu-plugin. Just make sure you have another authentication ...
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Unable to login and wp-login.php redirects to wp-admin%2F&reauth=1?

Any time you have a forward from http://mysite to http://mysite/, this is bound to happen. In my case, I have a managerial httpd process running that has several virtual hosts. One was configured ...
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Unable to login and wp-login.php redirects to wp-admin%2F&reauth=1?

I resolved this problem by defining security keys in wp-config.php: define('AUTH_KEY', ''); define('SECURE_AUTH_KEY', ''); define('LOGGED_IN_KEY', ''); define('NONCE_KEY', ''); ...
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Can not login with correct username and password

There are a few things you can try. One of them you have already tried. Clear your browser cache (which you have stated you have tried), just make sure you cleared everything, cookies and cache. Try ...
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Add class to input form in login form

While there is no direct filter available to modify the output of username input field. You can do this by enqueuing a js on login page and then adding a css class to username input field. Please see ...
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how to restrict user login whenever if a user puts on hold by editing wp-login action?

function myplugin_authenticate_on_hold($user) { // username and password are correct if ($user instanceof WP_User) { $on_hold = get_user_meta($user->ID, 'is_on_hold', true); ...
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Adding "Remember Me" in custom login

insert this in form: <p class="forgetmenot"><label for="rememberme"><input name="rememberme" type="checkbox" id="rememberme" value="forever" /> Remember Me</label></p> ...
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Accessing my site using wp-admin does not load

Sounds like a theme or a plugin is causing the problem. Try renaming the wp-content/plugins folder to quickly disable all plugins and then try logging in. Add the plugins back into the wp-content/...
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The website cannot display the page

There seems to be an issue with the WordPress version. https://core.trac.wordpress.org/attachment/ticket/37071/fix-wp-login-error.patch I fixed this by patching the wp-login.php file. Line 793: ...
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Custom Login Process

For anything that deals with logins a server-side solution is more secure and compatible (i.e. if they don't have JS enabled, they still get the pared-down version). It's also generally safer to use ...
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wp-login.php register/lost password links to buttons?

There's no way to change the output of the file because the there aren't any filters you can hook into. However, there are some hooks that you can use like the login_enqueue_scripts hook to enqueue ...
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How can I redirect user after entering wrong password?

The following worked for me. Both of these hooks can be found within the function wp_authenticate within wp-includes/puggabel.php. Check via the authenticate filter if the login form is missing the ...
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FORCE_SSL_ADMIN not working

This can also happen if WordPress is hosted behind a reverse proxy that provides SSL. Paste the following in your theme's functions.php: define('FORCE_SSL_ADMIN', true); // a comma-separated list e....
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