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Admin access to secondary site user_can_access_admin_page losing login

So, Why is the value of the function TRUE on init and at some point during the event lifecycle this changes to false? The answer to this (and effectively the question) is to do with WP Capabilities. ...
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Edit image preview is not displayed

The solution that worked for me I found here: "Just go to php.ini where xampp is installed, assuming ...
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Can't access wp-admin Internal Server Error 500

WPBeginner have a really good troubleshooter on 500, particularly when it comes to enabling the debug logs: define( 'WP_DEBUG', true ); define( 'WP_DEBUG_LOG', true ); Often happens when .htaccess is ...
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Form submission issue in wordpress admin (custom plugin) using $_GET for searching & filtering

The problem was actually being caused by . Looks like they made an update on their platform which made the search function stop working properly, as the issue was also happening on the ...
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Trouble with WordPress Settings API: Form Submits When Fields Called Directly, Fails When Using Callbacks

Thank you for the responses Tom! You got me on track, I should have checked the rendered html earlier. Here's the answer. The rendered html was showing hidden inputs, for clarity, I'll just repeat my ...
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.htaccess in wp-admin produces a redirect loop

Thanks Raja67, I had to do 403 to get mine to work: ErrorDocument 403 default
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Error 403 on wp-admin - Redirection to upgrade.php

The Error 403 with a redirection to upgrade.php in a WordPress site's admin area can be a bit tricky to diagnose and resolve, as it can stem from various issues, including file permissions, server ...
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Why can't I delete original user in multisite? Options for manual removal

In order to delete any user (even the one with ID=1) and if clicking Delete won’t work, then select the checkbox (in front of its username) and then on bulk actions select "Delete" and ...
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How to Remove All Widgets from Dashboard?

Remove Default WP metabox in dashboard: @source /** * Removing dashboard widgets. * * @link https://developer....
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