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Wordpress admin area not sending mail (but works with WP Mail SMTP, Test Mail, and PHP mail() function)

I found the issue, had to edit /etc/php/8.3/cli/php.ini file, by adding/editing following lines : [mail function] ; For Win32 only. ; #SMTP = localhost SMTP = mysmtpserver.domain ;...
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Gutenberg: Dynamic Block - Show saved data in the editor

When an attribute is registered with type: 'number', it won't return a string format value in the attributes object. This has tripped me up a number of times. The solution is to ensure that you are ...
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Unable to login to my wordpress site. reauth=1 redirection loop

1.340 / 5.000 I had the same page redirection problem, when I went to a page address of my own with images and photographs, I was immediately redirected to a tourist village page. I immediately called ...
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Admin utility classes?

There aren't any documented anywhere AFAIK. The only way to find them is to inspect existing parts of the UI. I like your approach though. Way too many people try to style and brand their plugin as if ...
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Can a user submit requests to wp-admin/admin.php without logging in?

No, this is a red herring that has nothing to do with the problem, likely from a misunderstanding of what WP user login sessions are tracking. The TLDR: It's probably because they logged out. The ...
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wp-admin 503 error

Get your web host to clear the Litespeed cache. We had the same issue and this fixed it for us.
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