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Database Queries are crashing the server

It seems like you're experiencing slow queries after migrating your website to Hostinger. The query you provided is an update statement for the wp_options table in a WordPress site. This query appears ...
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Can I rename the wp-admin folder?

You can use the "HC Custom WP-Admin URL" plugin: install & activate plugin; go to Settinsg --> Permalinks; slide down to "WP-Admin slug"; Change slug; log out; -log in ...
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Submitting form to admin-post.php Wordpress

First thank you to @TomJNowell for helping me to figure this out. There was a few misleading assumptions I made that had me making this harder than it needed to be. There's no need to post to admin-...
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warning wp session

Sounds like you just updated from PHP 7 to PHP 8 but you're still using a really old version of WordPress. The obvious solution is to either update WordPress or downgrade PHP version.
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Update WordPress Version or change a bracket { } to [ ].If not check plugin deactivate one by one. Plugin is confilct.
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How to prepend a header section to all pages related to my Wordpress Plugin

it didn't work for you because hook admin_head is designed to add <link> tags inside <head> section. So even if you will render something there it won't be visible, because it is outside &...
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fails upload images in posts + wp-admin/upload.php 403 error

To be able to help, some info is needed: Is this a production site, or a test one? Are there many plugins? Most wp problems come out of plugin failures or misconfig. Having said that, Do you upload ...
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Publishing failed. The response is not a valid JSON response

There are a number of guides around on how to resolve this. Here is one example. In short, there's no one solution, this error can be caused by multiple issues that you all might have to address. ...
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