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WP CLI Shell not working on Windows

OK, I've now solved this. Here's what I did. When I tried to use Composer to install psy/psysh using composer, there was a clash of versions of symphony due to some work I'd done with Laravel. I ...
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Is Windows hosting a bad idea for wp?

This is a partially subjective question, so it may get closed on that basis. Answer given here may be somewhat subjective but tries to cover the main considerations. Short Answer The short answer is ...
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Permalinks on Windows IIS not working and web.config breaks site - does wordpress not support windows server now, if so how?

Download IIS Rewrite from Install and restart IIS Then modify the web.config Edit web.config, add the rewrite code. <?xml version="1.0"...
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Posting with slug "favicon" gets redirected

Check if the Apache config has "Multiviews" enabled. If so, try disabling it. Or add "Options -Multiviews" to the top of the .htaccess file.
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Permissions to wp-content folder in Windows Server 2012

I'm not positive if you need to grant Everyone Full control access to the WordPress root folder. Likewise, you don't need to grant IIS_IUSRS, IUSR and NETWORK SERVICE all permission to the entire ...
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'wp' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file

Per the documentation on, you need to create a file called wp.bat located in your C:\wp-cli folder, with the following contents: @ECHO OFF php "c:/wp-cli/wp-cli.phar" %* ...
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WP Cli will not execute on Windows

Currently i have several process running in my CI/CD with wp-cli and all works fine in windows and unix. In my experience this is your best option in windows: #1 Add PHP to your Windows Path Variable #...
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strange behaviour with "rin" in brand new installation of 4.6.1

the answer is too sad to be true so I'll just post a copy of my wp-config.php instead rin<?php /** * The base configuration for WordPress * * The wp-config.php creation script uses this file ...
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Accessing private posts through REST API, same code that works in remote doesn't in local

The problem was that I didn't completely clone the wp site, and I forgot to install the plugin that I used to manage user roles The plugin is Members ("User Role Editor by Members – Best User, Role ...
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Setting up Wordpress Locally on WAMP for a new site (with one already)

Yes, usually you create a new database, user and password as well as use another copy of WordPress to create a new site. You can create a new directory in the same place where the "wordpress" ...
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Is XAMPP faster than running LAMP in WSL on Windows 10?

XAMPP is not a virtual machine, it's a local server, and is excellent for local WP development, however attempting to use WP-CLI takes some more steps, detailed here:
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Trying to install Wordpress on WSL Windows 10, and running into issues with wp-cli and "wp db create"

The error has nothing to do with your setup. It says that your connection credential to MySQL database is incorrect. ERROR 1045 (28000): Access denied for user 'root'@'localhost' (using password: YES)...
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Using Windows Server 2012 How to Move Uploads Folder to another hard drive

If you only want to change the location of the uploads directory (and leave the rest of WordPress on C:), you should be able to define the UPLOADS constant: define( 'UPLOADS', wp_normalize_path( 'e:\...
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One-click WP site generation wih wp-cli on Windows

This is the script I use on Windows under XAMPP. It includes a MySQL command to create the database, and a tweak to improve security by nuking user 1 (and all its content) straight after install, ...
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