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You can use PHP Simple HTML DOM Parser $html = str_get_html(the_content()); $blockquote = $html->find('blockquote', 0); echo $blockquote


You have to call TopAuthor() function in plugins_loaded orinit action. You are getting Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function wp_get_current_user() because wp_get_current_user() is a pluggable function. You can not call when your plugin is included. You have to wait for the action plugins_loaded or init. Call your TopAuthor() function using ...


Use this code to require the file from your theme's functions.php file: require get_template_directory() . 'includes/dashboard.php'; For the sake of completeness (and sanity) my dashboard.php file lives here: my-theme/includes/dashboard.php I took a closer look at the original issue, and I think what's happening is that the require statement is silently ...


I was able to hide a single category using CSS: { display: none; } I put this CSS snippet in my theme's "Additional CSS". Category 1 is "Uncategorized", which is the one I wanted to hide.


Explanation: The issue you are likely facing is that you are trying to add your ajax actions from within the widget itself that may be instantiated on the elementor/widgets/widgets_registered hook. If so, this is hook elementor/widgets/widgets_registered is too late and do_action( "wp_ajax_{$action}" ) and do_action( "wp_ajax_nopriv_{$action}" ) have ...

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