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Try using the --fields and --format parameter, e.g. wp widget list sidebar-1 --fields=id --format=json Docs: WP-CLI Commands wp widget list


The issue is with the .block class assigned a css of min-height .magazine .block { min-height: 480px; } Please change the min-height to auto or remove the 'block' class from that div element


It works for me. Deregister all widgets from sidebar. You have to call it once, for example in after_switch_theme action add_action('after_switch_theme', 'deregister_sidebar_widgets'); function deregister_sidebar_widgets () { $sidebar_widgets = wp_get_sidebars_widgets(); foreach($sidebar_widgets['sidebar'] as $i => $widget) { unset($...


No. There is no official email form block or widget. JetPack has a Form Block though. JetPack is not "official", but is developed by the same people who run WordPress .com, so it is as close to an “official” block that you’ll get, even though they are not the official developers of the WordPress software itself, and you’ll need to install a plugin and ...

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