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Vimeo videos not working

After further investigation this appears to be Vimeo blocking the requests. We have two sites (one where Vimeo videos work and one where they don't). When testing the retrieval of content via PHP we ...
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Add parameters vimeo videos using wordpress embeds

There are several filters in WordPress for altering oEmbed data, depending on when you need to modify the results: embed_handler_html Filters the returned embed handler. embed_oembed_html Filters the ...
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How to anchor to embed video

Editing the raw HTML isn't going to work, a worst case scenario is it fails block validation when reopened in the editor and your edits get replaced automatically. Instead, use the anchor box under ...
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Vimeo froogaloop

so I'm not sure the enqueuing is even happening No, it's not, because you only registered the scripts, but never enqueued them — which should be done using wp_enqueue_script(). Also, you should make ...
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