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Allow requests to resources outside the wordpress folder

Have you considered to create a symlink from your document root (wordpress) directory to the directories in upper levels? You'll need to uncheck the "Restrict the ability to follow symbolic links&...
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How to stop WordPress from replacing plus (+) characters from URL on the front page?

This is a late reply, but this should allow such query strings on the homepage... add_filter('redirect_canonical','disable_frontpage_canonical_redirect'); function ...
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Blog URL Structure - Multiple Taxonomies

Update any custom post types so they use 'with_front' => FALSE in the slug parameters and update your permalink setting to /blog/%category%/%postname%/. Create your categories with sub categories.
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Multiple post types - share same ReWrite slug?

Posting here the solution that worked for me (this is the only thread I found that is closely related) just in case someone encounters this issue in the future. Credits to the answers above, I just ...
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