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However WordPress does it, it can't peer inside BuddyBoss if BuddyBoss decides to implement its own system ( and almost all the pagebuilder plugins or bespoke systems do ). Fundamentally responsibility on the frontend falls into these buckets: the theme filters blocks/shortcodes/widgets nav menus plugins generated UIs such as ACF field layouts, WP Bakery, ...


You could paste the SVG in the Custom HTML block and style it with CSS. There is also which supports pasting a custom icon and facilitates styling it.


If you're looking a PHP code based approach there is a SASS (SCSS) PHP package for compiling SASS available at It provides a CLI command also, but it's main approach is to be used to compile on the fly. I opted for this approach in a custom theme project where I wanted to use SCSS. Of course I don't want to compile SCSS on ...

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