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No. The only styles that WordPress itself loads on the front-end is /wp-includes/css/dist/block-library/style.min.css, and this stylesheet doesn't include any such classes or colours. All other styles are the responsibility of the theme. So if you want to know if a specific theme has such classes you would need to ask the author, however I don't know any ...


From what I can tell, registering it with 'customClassName' => false in the supports array in register_block_type prevents the actual style class from being saved to the raw text of the page. I had assumed it would dynamically insert it during the_content when it parses the blocks. In fact there's no point in me registering it on the PHP end since it's ...


You are not registering any styles for your block. It seems, that in the backend, some wordpress editor css is adding exactly the style that you need to your block by chance. The way you sould go is to add the style and editor-style entries to your register_block_type-function. register_block_type( 'mytheme/box', array( 'attributes' => array( ...

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